Fauxbois' Very Real CD Release Party 

Fauxbois. Say it with us: Fo. Bwah. Pull the two words apart and, technically, it means "fake wood," but there's nothing counterfeit about this Boise four-piece indie rock band. As a matter of fact, their debut self-titled release (Spark & Shine Records) is full of raw, honest music.

Brian Mayer--whose last project, Mayerforceone Academy of Arts and Sciences, was a solo affair with a rotating cast of musicians--fronts Fauxbois, with Shaun King, Caleb McKim and Kate Seward riding shotgun. Though Mayer had played with the other three before, the alliance between the four really began to solidify a year or two ago. Rather than keep the Mayerforceone name, Mayer, who has been playing music since his early teens, wanted to give the new lineup its own name to reflect this more concrete connection.

"Those are the best bandmates I've ever had, for sure," Mayer said. "They're super inspiring. They keep me motivated, and they bring a lot to the band, stuff that isn't even measurable."

But Fauxbois' new release will go a long way in measuring how fans feel about the music. It's simple without being simplistic: rocking folk songs with guitar and chorus-heavy tracks engender a stripped-down Polyphonic Spree vibe. Mayer, who can often be seen attending the shows of his fellow local indie musicians, called on some of his most creative friends to participate in the process--including producer Tristan Andreas--and with their help, created something quite genuine.

With Soft Paws, Finn Riggins and The Very Most, Saturday, May 15, 8 p.m., $5, Visual Arts Collective, 3638 Osage St., visualartscollective.com.

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