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Dear Readers,

As the owner and publisher of Boise Weekly, my byline doesn't appear very often in these pages. I have worked for more than 17 years to ensure Boise Weekly remains the locally-owned, independent voice in our community, and although you might not see my day-to-day, week-to-week influence on the paper, I see yours. Thank you for continuing to read Boise Weekly. Your heartfelt appreciation is what keeps me going, and I am working on changes that will enable us to continue our dedication to a longtime mission to "celebrate what's good about Boise and Idaho—including the idiosyncrasies that make them uniquely attractive—while calling attention, thoughtfully and fearlessly, with humor and without pomposity, to what can and should be improved."

Boise Weekly has weathered tumultuous times, yet remained standing. This has required a lot of adaptability. In response to the reality of increasing paper prices, decreasing print advertising and disappearing slots for free local publications at major retail outlets, we are re-focusing our print distribution efforts. Effective Jan. 3, 2018, we will only distribute Boise Weekly in the Treasure Valley. Deliveries to Emmett, Idaho City, Jerome, McCall, Middleton, Mountain Home, New Plymouth, Sun Valley and Twin Falls will be suspended until further notice.

I know Boise Weekly is more important than ever as the divisions in our country deepen and corporate takeover of media continues. I am inspired by the savegawker.com project and the message conveyed regarding independent thought and journalism, such as in this quote from the Los Angeles Times: "With journalism increasingly controlled by corporate entities that want to avoid offending advertisers and their readers' sensibilities, we need Gawker most desperately." As other alternative news media companies stop printing and the different voices in our communities are silenced, I fear the democracy I love, respect and fight for every week is in grave danger.

Rest assured, Boise Weekly is not going anywhere. We will keep you informed, both in print and at boiseweekly.com, about where you can pick up a copy of Boise Weekly. With the changes in distribution, you may no longer have easy access to a print edition, but you can always access content at boiseweekly.com. Better yet, you can take advantage of our new subscription program: For only $40 per year, you get the digital edition of Boise Weekly delivered to your email inbox every Tuesday evening before the print copies even hit the stands. Along with the convenience of getting Boise Weekly delivered, subscribing to the digital edition supports us and our mission. Your contributions will propel our ability to double-down editorially and further our ability to seek out and report the truth and be a loudspeaker for all of the voices in our community. I'm asking you to provide your vote of confidence and show your support by subscribing.

Although the world of media and the way our readers access content is always changing, demand for our content has not waned. It's stronger than ever. We know you want to be informed, you want different viewpoints and you want to be included in your communities. We will continue to focus our efforts on creating excellent content and ensuring you can find it how and when you need it; and we vow to evolve with the changing world around us while adhering to our core values.

If you love Boise Weekly and want to be part of our future, go to subscribe.boiseweekly.com and pledge your support. And please support our advertisers. Without them, there wouldn't be Boise Weekly, and I cannot imagine Boise without it. Can you? Even (or maybe especially) if you have been using Boise Weekly to "stoke your fire" for decades, you clearly need us. Let's keep fueling the fire together.

I like to hear from you, and I always appreciate your input, insights and inspiration. Please send your support, questions, suggestions and tips to me any time at sally@boiseweekly.com. Happy Holidays, friends!

—Sally Freeman, owner and publisher

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