February 1 - February 7, 2007 

Vietnam revisited

Twenty-seven Americans dead in Iraq in 3 days and 3,060 total. Approximately 60 to 80 Iraqis killed daily in horrific sectarian violence. Yet "W" the toxic tyrant, Cheney, Condi and the radical neo-conservative hawks are escalating the evil war. The only thing guaranteed to surge is the body count. The "decider" threw the intelligent bipartisan Iraq Study Group Report in the garbage. If another war appropriation of $100 billion should get by Congress, war costs will then be $8 billion/month. Utter madness! No wonder there is no money left for real homeland security, advanced scientific research, and life and death domestic issues--most notably global warming and peak oil.

Rather than engage Iran and Syria diplomatically, Bush, in his demented state of denial, seems ready to blindly bomb Iran and possibly start World War Three. Make no mistake--2007 will be ultra dangerous. Bush and Cheney, desperate and diabolical men, are getting boxed in somewhat--and are therefore increasingly likely to pull something even more monumentally stupid than Iraq.

The Democrats and thinking moderate Republicans are finally demanding sanity and reason. They need your unqualified support. The dictatorial usurpation of civil liberties by Bush & Co. must be stopped. No less than the tenuous future of democracy is at stake and perhaps the survival of the planet should Bush/Cheney push the nuclear button. Repeat--these delusional, arrogant, out--of-touch-with-reality death dealers are quite capable of such malevolence.

Two quotes sum it up: "By definition, aimless wars cannot be won."--Adam Zamoyski.

"The greatest purveyor of violence on earth is my own government."--Martin Luther King, Jr.

No more squandering of national blood, honor and treasure. Our national aspiration for a sane future demands that we end the Iraq debacle and dramatically restructure our national priorities.

--Scott Phillips,



Jim Nagler is a professor at the University of Idaho (BW, "A Fish Problem This Big," January 17).

David Kerrick is an attorney for the Nez Perce Tribe (BW, "Unda the Rotunda," January 3).

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