February 1, 2006 

“He who has learned aright about the signs that come in sleep will find that they have an important influence over all things.” —Hippocrates

Dear Dream Zone, I had a dream where I was looking at my face from the side and half of my lip was missing! I was really ugly and had braces. There was drool coming off the braces because I had no lip. It was so gross! What does it mean? —Jennifer 32, Sioux City, IA

Lauri: When we look at ourselves in our dreams, it means we are concerned about how we may “appear” to others. Our dreams give us an insightful look at our recent waking life behavior. So what you see looking back at you, no matter how strange the image, is a true reflection of yourself at that time. Your dream braces are letting you know that you need to speak up about something in order to “straighten” things out. Half a lip indicates you’ve only been saying half of what needs to be said. So like the drool, you just gotta “spit it out!” C’mon, give it up sister! What is it you are afraid to fully say for fear that it may make you look bad?

Jennifer replies: I’ve been dating this guy for a couple of months now. At first, I really liked him. But now, he talks really loud in public and acts silly and it embarrasses me! I’ve told him shhh a couple of times but he continues to act this way. You’re right; I’m not sure how to tell him he’s annoying me without coming across as the B word!

Fascinating Dream Fact: A new study of 30 recently divorced adults, conducted by the psychology department of Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, found that those that were angriest at their former spouse while dreaming had the best chance of successfully coping with the divorce.

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