February 15, 2006 

“Sleep hath its own world.” From The Dream by Ward Hill Lamon

Dear Dream Zone, I had three very vivid dreams in the last three nights. The first night I was in a bitter custody battle for my kids. The second night I was fired from my job, and last night I was giving my ex-husband an enema. HELP! —Holly 31, Sioux City, Iowa

Lauri: Oh my! Are you currently in a custody battle for your kids? If not, then you may be feeling that you are in a battle for the custody of their affection. Divorced parents sometimes say negative things about their ex in front of or to their children OR they over indulge their children out of guilt. Both of these behaviors are caused by the fear that the children might fancy one parent more than the other. Is this happening with you? Getting fired from your job indicates that you worry you aren't doing a good enough job as a parent and you have a deep-rooted fear of losing that "position." And giving your ex an enema is not only hilarious but significant. Do you often wish you could tell him to "shove it up his a**?" Enemas are used to help us make a bowl movement, so your dream may be encouraging you to do what it takes to "get rid of his crap!" Pardon my French.

Holly replies: I am not in a custody battle, but I do share custody 50/50 with my ex. I know for a fact that he takes every opportunity to bad-mouth me in front of the kids and then plays it off as “teasing” when they tell me about it. I would also say that I probably do overindulge them. I often want to tell him to “shove it!” I would love to “get rid of his crap.” I found this VERY helpful. Thank you SO MUCH!

Fascinating Dream Fact: President Abraham Lincoln paid close attention to his dreams and believed that many of his dreams were signs of future major events. He even dreamt of his own death just days before his assassination.

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