Felt Bike Coffee Cup Holder 

Your solution to slosh-free imbibing and riding

Built-in bike cup holders are fastened at a perilous angle. But while that 45-degree incline might work for a sportsy squirt bottle or a screw-top Gatorade, it's the pits for any beverage that requires more eloquent sipping.

Luckily, Felt Bicycles now makes the frustratingly simple Cafe Coffee Cup Holder, which lets your cup rest upright for slosh-free imbibing. The lightweight aluminum ring is available in 22.2 mm or 31.8 mm clamp diameters and fits most standard coffee cups and travel mugs. According to the Felt Bicycles website:

"Our handlebar-mounted coffee cup holder will give you a secure way to keep your joe with you as you run errands around your neighborhood."

While this might seem like a no-duh invention, if you've ever tried to clutch a cheap paper cup filled with hot coffee in one hand and steer your two-wheeled steed through downtown traffic with the other, you know what a messy idea that can be.

But that's not the only use for this little gem. If you want to hydrate on your ride to the downtown bars, the ring looks as if will also cradle the standard-issue red plastic party cup.

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