Fettuccine Forum on Media Literacy 

Wednesday, Jan. 17, 5:30 p.m.

As always, the Fettuccini Forum will be an opportunity for academic discussion, but the topic this month, "Media Literacy: Fake News, Politics and Power" will also teach a necessary skill. "Today's media consumer needs more competency than ever," the forum website reads, "to spot hoaxes and fake news, understand how technology has upended traditional media, and recognize motives and manipulation." If you feel it's been hard to suss out truth in the age of Trump, you're not alone, and several experts—including Boise State University journalism and media studies professor Dr. Seth Ashley, Idaho Public Television host Melissa Davlin, Idaho Statesman news editor Bill Manny and Boise State assistant professors Julie B. Lane (communications) and Jeffrey Lyons, PhD (political science)—will be at Boise City Hall, ready to help.

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