Filmfort: Get the Picture 

Catch screenings Thursday-Saturday, March 21-23

Filmfort is on the move (again). Now in its sixth year and with nearly as many homes, the 2019 edition of Filmfort has found fresh digs at the new Hilton Garden Inn at the foot of the Boise Connector. True, the recently opened Hilton isn't exactly a mecca for cinephiles. That said, the hotel's location at 13th and Front streets is appropriately close to many music venues, allowing Treeforters to pop in to see a flick between concerts. Filmfort will also screen a handful of films in the even kitschier basement of Eighth Street's Red Feather Lounge. An all-admission pass costs $30.

Thursday, March 21

Ham on Rye, 7 p.m., Hilton Garden Inn

Director Tyler Taormina will be on hand to talk about his film, which celebrates the innocence of youth and explores how it often collides with the bleak realities of adulthood.

Friday, March 22

Future Language: The Dimensions of VON LMO, 2 p.m., Hilton Garden Inn

Director Lori Felker's personal obsession with New York No Wave musician VON LMO (a self-described alien hybrid) is center stage during this feature-length musical portrait.

The short film Morning Star is being bundled with the 2 p.m. screening of Future Language. Director Ben Hernstrom's futuristic narrative follows an alien being's trip to Earth to understand humankind's reality.

Underground Underground 2, 10 p.m., Red Feather Cellar

A downtown Boise lounge might be the best setting in town for check out this bundle of no fewer than 11 experimental short films.

Saturday, March 23

Mixed Shorts, 11 a.m., Hilton Garden Inn

There are worse ways to kick off your Saturday than with this diverse lineup of 10 short films from Boise and beyond.

Minding the Gap, 3 p.m., Hilton Garden Inn

This is, by far, the most celebrated title of Filmfort 2019. A breakthrough story from filmmaker Bing Liu, Minding the Gap spans a dozen years and examines racial identity in the Rust Belt town of Rockford, Illinois. Following its mercurial screenings at the 2018 Sundance and Sun Valley film festivals, Minding the Gap garnered some of the best critical notices of last year and was ultimately nominated for a Best Feature Documentary Oscar. The Atlantic called Minding the Gap, "An extraordinary feat of filmmaking."

The narrative short film Good Boy will be bundled with Minding the Gap at the 3 p.m. screening.

Long Lost, 5 p.m., Hilton Garden Inn

Director Erik Bloomquist is travelling to Treefort to participate in an audience Q&A following the screening of his psychosexual thriller. Long Lost won the Best Feature prize at the 2018 Eastern Oregon Film Festival.

In Reality, 7 p.m., Hilton Garden Inn

Brooklyn-based filmmaker Ann Lupo will be in Boise to screen her "film within a film." In Reality tells the story of a woman back on her heels following a fraught relationship, and how she confronts her overgrown fantasies by making a film about her experiences.

The short film Welcome, Mark, from Director Zach Weintraub, will be bundled with In Reality at the 7 p.m. screening.

A Great Lamp, 10 p.m., Red Feather Cellar

This experimental narrative feature takes place in North Carolina, the home state of Director Saad Qureshi, and swirls around the quirky goings-on of a pair of 20-somethings. To give you a sense of their wackiness, they like to hold pennies up to their ears to "hear the wishes" after fishing them out of wishing wells.

Things wrap up over at the Hilton Garden Inn at 10 p.m. with a screening of One Dog Gone Summer, a short film about a young boy's effort to make sure his best friend ends up in doggy heaven.