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Xavier Ward

A Kansas City, Missouri-based chocolatier is headed west. Andre's Confiserie Suisse is a family owned chocolate maker that recently partnered with Whole Foods, which will bring the artisan chocolates to Boise in time for the holiday season. Some of the chocolatier's offerings are the chocolate-covered almonds, a roasted nonpareil almond coated in a Swiss milk chocolate, one variety of which is tossed in a mildly bitter cocoa powder, while the others are given a light coat of powdered sugar. Another treat is the chocolate-coated orange peels, a blanched and candied orange peel coated in milk chocolate. Perhaps the most intricate of the bunch is the chocolate batons, small bars of chocolate with varieties such as dark chocolate with cinnamon and chili pepper or milk chocolate with gingerbread spice. The batons are imprinted with festive decorations. Finally, the chocolatier offers a hollow pinecone design filled with the chocolate almonds.

Prices Vary,


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