Find: Bacon Soap 

Because who doesn't want to smell like the grease-caked flattop at an all-night diner?

Pigs are oft credited for being cleanly creatures. They take off their shoes at dinner parties, floss obsessively and even pull their sleeves over their hooves when reaching for public bathroom doors.

Yeah, that's total hogwash. When left to their own devices, pigs roll in excrement and stuff their snouts with anything you put in their troughs, including pork.

Pigs are considered to be so dirty that they've long been shunned by both Islam and Judaism. Which is why bacon soap makes complete sense.

Who wouldn't want to wake up, jump in a hot shower, and start lathering themselves with smoky, pig-fat scented soap? By the time you've finished bathing, you'll smell like the grease-caked flattop at an all-night diner.

Well, lucky for all you baconphiles, ELM Soap Makers in Eagle is now selling bacon soap at the Meridian Farmer's Market and online at its Etsy store, Or if you prefer to keep your bacon in the fry pan, ELM also offers equally agrarian but substantially less porky soaps made with moisturizing goat milk. Scents include lavender, cinnamon, coffee and rose.

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