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Local root beer floats our boats

Under the dappled shade of a canopy at the Capital City Public Market, Kainoa Lopez scooped out a hunk of thick ice cream, dropped it into a plastic cup and pulled on an elk horn tap, topping the glass with a frothy stream of dark brown root beer. A steady crowd of parents and kids gathered around the booth, demanding BuckSnort Root Beer floats and icy, sweat-beaded glasses of the brew.

Handcrafted in Bellevue, Wash., Idaho, BuckSnort Root Beer is made with an aromatic blend of organic wintergreen, licorice root and sassafras. Unlike most mass-market sodas, BuckSnort doesn't use any artificial colors, flavors or high fructose corn syrup--which keeps it from being cloyingly sweet or coating your tongue with a filmy layer.

According to its Facebook page, BuckSnort hopes to transport folks back to a simpler era:

"To enjoy a BuckSnort Root Beer is to take a step back in time when a trip to the store to grab some hard candy then a game of hop scotch on the way home was the main goal of any summer day."

If you need a shot of BuckSnort and can't wait for the market, you can pick up a frosty glass anytime at Bittercreek Ale House, Red Feather Lounge, The Falcon Tavern and Lulu's Pizza.

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