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Fleur de sel, a type of French sea salt, is hand-harvested in the summer months by scraping off the top layer of crystals that form on salt evaporation ponds. It's a rare--and delicious--mineral-rich salt with a faint smell of the sea.

Boise's Janjou Patisserie, an artisan boutique bakery, features the exotic salt in a few of its handcrafted desserts. Janjou's buttery chocolate and fleur de sel cake, for example, boasts hunks of bittersweet dark chocolate coated in fleur de sel, baked up in a rich Belgian chocolate cake batter.

According to its website, Janjou Patisserie takes pride in using only the finest foodstuffs, "We use no artificial ingredients or preservatives so everything we make tastes of what was used to make it."

Spearheaded by head baker Moshit Mizrachi-Gabbitas, Janjou Patisserie also features an array of tarts, cookies, cheesecakes, coffee cakes, macaroons and petit fours. Additionally, it offers a selection of quiches--in flavors like tomato onion or mushroom leek--and savory pastries, like the layered black olive and pecorino pastry.

You can order Janjou's exquisitely packaged confections online at or find a limited selection of products--like orange Florentine sables, palmiers and chocolate orange crinkles--at Boise Co-op, next to the Gaston's Bakery bread display.

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