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The best thing we've discovered thus far to convince us to cut the cord.

Mediasonic Homeworx  converter/recorder


Mediasonic Homeworx converter/recorder

Cutting cords is nothing new, but finding an excellent reason (aside from the expense) to say goodbye to cable television is still tough. The Mediasonic Homeworx converter/recorder gives you three: The ever-growing number of free, over-the-air, high-def channels available in the Boise market (there are currently more than 60); a one-time price of about $30 for the converter/DVR; and never having to pay another TV bill again.

Other high-def DVRs are often pricey, in large part because of the cost of hard-drive memory. The chief reason the Mediasonic Homeworx is so inexpensive is because you choose how much memory it has: You can plug a flash-drive or portable hard-drive into one of the ports. The quality of the recording is top-drawer and a nice bonus is that you can play any of your recordings from the flash drive on another device, like your computer.

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