Find: "Re_Vinyl" Wall Clocks 

Designer Pavel Sidorenko recycles old records

When we flipped into daylight savings time a couple of weeks ago, clocks all over the place stayed an hour behind due either to laziness or the inability to reach a clock hung way too high without a ladder--or calling in a favor from the tall neighbor. If you owned a Pavel Sidorenko "Re_Vinyl" designer wall clock, you might not care what time it is or that you're 60 minutes early for a meeting because you forgot to set it back an hour. These pieces, made from vinyl records, are as much about form as they are about function.

According to his Facebook page, Sidorenko is an Estonian multidisciplinary designer who aims to "create functional and playful products that retain their simplicity while interacting with the space and user ... to not only incorporate pragmatic necessity, but also transmit an emotional quality within the everyday environment."

It's hard not to feel some kind of emotion about these carved clocks: scenes of a skyline in Paris, a six-person rock band, a bird on a branch, a whimsical umbrella, a bunny, a cuckoo clock, a pipe-smoking penguin in a fedora. They're cute, smart, clever and in some cases so intricate, that it's easy to forget they're made from the somewhat unforgiving plastic of vinyl records.

And unlike the boring clock that hangs above your cubicle (which--from staring at it--you know as well as you know the back of your own hand), when the battery dies in one of these Sidorenko sweeties, you still have a piece of art--and not a non-working eyesore--to stare at.

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