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It's no wonder unsolicited e-mail and everyone's favorite unnaturally pink canned "meat" share the same name. Spam, in both cases, comes from an unidentifiable, often sketchy source, generally ends up in the trash and, in the long run, wreaks havoc on your physical or electronic well-being. And while there have been no documented accounts of the meaty Spam working hand-in-hand with Nigerian princes to distribute their vast wealth to unsuspecting heirs, the name is still not to be trusted.

Luckily, there's a new online service that will help you ban nasty e-mail spam from your life forever. With a mission "to stop unwanted e-mail at the source," allows users to easily unsubscribe from spam e-mails with the click of a button. According to the website, it works like this:

"Users can either download an unsubscribe button to be used in their e-mail client, or forward unwanted mail from any device. The custom button allows you to check off multiple e-mails at a time to unsubscribe from, revisiting a brand new inbox. Plus, you can download our button for all of your various e-mail accounts at no additional charge."

For $2.95 a month, $19.95 a year or $69.95 a lifetime, you are granted unlimited unsubscribes on an unlimited number of e-mail accounts. You'll also receive a detailed e-mail summary and an easy-to-use unsubscribe dashboard.

Now if only ridding the world of the other Spam were that easy.

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