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Guitar picks are like pennies: nearly worthless and almost always found in couch cushion crevices and under refrigerators. Not so with Boise-based Fire and Void Studios, which elevates the guitar pick to an art form.

Using materials like ornate Brazilian agate and morrisonite--a rare jasper found in the Owyhee mountains of Idaho and Oregon--Fire and Void owner and craftsman Hauns Smyver creates rounded jazz picks and traditional guitar picks that truly put the rock in rock 'n' roll.

Painstakingly shaped from stones whose hardness lends each one a unique strumming sound, the intricate color patterns of quartz and obsidian created through millions of years of heat and pressure truly put cheap, plastic picks to shame. While your common guitar pick runs about 25 cents nowadays, these cost between $15-$55, prompting you to treat them better than pocket change.

To add the finishing touches to your musician's get-up, peruse Fire and Void's selection of volcano-forged jewelry--handcrafted using quartz and obsidian from just under our feet.

Whether it's body decorations, art pieces or a one-of-a-kind guitar pick, you'll feel one with the Earth.

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