First Bill of the 2016 Idaho Legislature: Banning 'Palcohol' 

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The first measure
out of the gate in the just-convened 2016 session of the Idaho Legislature concerns an odd topic: powdered alcohol.

Idaho is late to the party on powdered alcohol—25 states have already passed legislation banning the substance, dubbed "palcohol" by its producers.

Promoters say powdered alcohol, which includes such varieties as "powderita's," will be particularly popular with backpackers who don't want to haul the extra weight of liquid alcohol. Detractors say palcohol is not much more than "Kool-Aid for underage drinking," adding powdered alcohol could easily be consumed at a rate of 70 percent alcohol-by-volume. 

Meanwhile, the Idaho State Liquor Division is concerned about the product and backing new legislation that would "prohibit the possession, use, sale and purchase of powdered alcohol." 

The proposed legislation would levy fines of $300-$1,000 or a 90-day jail sentence for violating the ban, which has already received approval from the Idaho House State Affairs Committee for a full hearing on the matter.
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