First-Ever Boise Corgi Fest to Debut in Ann Morrison Park 

click to enlarge T-shirts featuring this cartoon by Boise native Jordan Carlman will be available for purchase at Corgi Fest.

Courtesy Corgi Fest and Jordan Carlman

T-shirts featuring this cartoon by Boise native Jordan Carlman will be available for purchase at Corgi Fest.

Pembroke Welsh corgis are perhaps the internet's favorite dog breed. With their stubby legs, rust-orange fur, giant ears and adorable antics, they're the darlings of viral cartoons and videos. Now, Boise corgi owner Lauren Studley is translating online corgi-mania into a free, real-life event: the first-ever Boise Corgi Fest, slated for Saturday, Aug. 18, in Ann Morrison Park.

"I know from personal experience, from owning a corgi, that interest in the breed has skyrocketed in the Boise area recently," Studley said. "When I bought my corgi six years ago, we were on the forefront of that popularity. We created a Facebook group called Stubby Strutters, we had a corgi-themed See Spot Walk team, and in the last few years it has just exploded. There are more breeders, more people interested in the breed, and any time that there is a rescue that comes in through the [Idaho] Humane Society they get grabbed up pretty fast."

  • Courtesy Corgi Fest / Jordan Carlman
Studley said it was noticing that trend, along with having some free time as a stay-at-home mom to her new baby, that inspired her to create Corgi Fest. While the fest focuses on corgis, leashed dogs of any shape, size and breed are welcome to attend the fun, which will stretch from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in downtown Boise's Ann Morrison Park.

It's set to be a day jam-packed with events. The party will kick off with a "Pup Parade" (Studley noted that the route will be short, in deference to the short legs and big bellies that give corgis their signature waddle) at 10 a.m., followed by a canine costume contest, corgi-themed raffle and silent auction, a peanut butter-sweet potato pie eating contest for dogs (corgis are known to have voracious appetites) and even a corgi derby—a 100-foot race across the grass that promises to be almost too cute to be allowed.

"We're totally cheesing it up," Studley said.

Between events, dogs and their owners can browse booths set up by pup-oriented businesses like dog boarders, pet supply stores, dog trainers and canine-focused charities. If the mere presence of so many pups isn't heartwarming enough, the event will also be a fundraiser for IHS and Fuzzy Pawz Rescue.
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