First rule of car theft: Don't commute by the scene of the crime 

In what is either a unique case of good kop karma or a classic example of criminal idiocy, a Boise Police Officer located an alleged car thief simply by visiting the crime scene. Officer Mike Nance was in the process of taking a stolen vehicle report on Boise Avenue on Wednesday, July 13, when the victim-undoubtedly with a lot pointing and "Ooh! Ooh!"-ing- alerted Nance that the stolen truck in question was driving by at that very moment. Nance leapt into action, following the illicit rig approximately four-tenths of a mile to the Gart Sports parking lot at the intersection of Boise and Apple Street.

Maybe the driver, 32-year-old Matthew Dickert of Boise, chose Gart because he wanted to pick up a new pair of running shoes. He could have used them. After parking behind the store and sprinting away from Nance for approximately 250 yards, Dickert was easily apprehended by the fleet-footed flatfoot. Dickert was charged with two counts of grand theft (apparently the truck had also been relieved of its cargo, including a ladder and tools), as well as numerous unrelated charges for his previous criminal behavior, including theft by receiving stolen property, violating probation and two counts of failure to appear in court. More charges could also be forthcoming, because apparently Dickert had several other sets of car keys in his pockets. Police are currently trying to match the keys with other vehicle burglaries in Meridian and Eagle, among other locales.

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