The Week in Review: First Thursday and Beyond 

Grant Olsen debuted a solo show at Bricolage First Thursday, Sept. 6.

Andrew Crisp

Grant Olsen debuted a solo show at Bricolage First Thursday, Sept. 6.

Nampa cranked up the volume Sept. 5 when former Wolf Parade and Sunset Rubdown member Spencer Krug brought his latest project, Moonface with Siinai, to Flying M Coffeegarage. Unfortunately, show openers Sad Baby Wolf struggled to find an appropriate acoustic balance in the garage venue. According to Boise Weekly freelancer Catie Young:

"The overwhelming amount of noise produced by the band's instrumentation left the crowd wishing the sound technician would turn the whole thing down and wondering if Sad Baby Wolf really needs five members to create its blandly indie sound."

But, Young continued: "When Moonface and Siinai took the stage, all mediocrity was swiftly forgiven. The crowd gradually crept forward and, though sound issues continued, the volume was no longer offensive."

The vibe at Flying M Coffeehouse on First Thursday, Sept. 6, was notably more quiet, as people sat quietly sipping beverages and enjoying new work by John Warfel. According to BW's Sheree Whiteley, the show featured "an array of colorful and imaginative pieces inspired by doodles. From people to monsters to a green, tentacled spaceship, Warfel's artwork harkened back to high school days of sketching on notepads."

Down the street at IdaHostel, Boise artist Cory Maas worked with buckets of paint to complete a colorful mural, and at Bricolage, Grant Olsen debuted a collection of work that included a massive wool tapestry with a cloth star constellation.

First Thursday revelers who needed to refuel swung by Fourth and Grove streets, where 17 local food trucks circled their proverbial wagons to celebrate the first anniversary of the Food Truck Rally. Though an ample dusting of prickly goatheads were a thorn in attendees' sides, according to BW's Andrew Crisp:

"The rally was poppin', with multiple rows of picnic tables packed full of people. A majority of the 17 trucks had lines, though not of the snaking, chaotic length seen in months past."

To cap off the evening, dozens of local bands and directors took part in the third-annual 208 Music Video Show at Neurolux. Attendees purchased votes for their favorite videos for $1 a pop. Boise lo-fi outfit First Borns took top honors for its video "Gene." Second place went to Storie Grubb and the Holy Wars for "Time." And third place went to Glenn Mantang for "Malt Licker."

At the event, BW asked audience members to hand over their iPhones to be raided for found footage. We took that footage and cut it into a crowdsourced music video that played at the end of the show. See here for details.

And capping off the week, BW stopped by the community orgy of art, crafts, music and food known as Art in the Park. According to BW's Deanna Darr, the three-day event "filled the park with 250 vendors from across the country, all displaying their wares for crowds eager to scoop up everything from jewelry and glass sculptures to pottery, paintings and handmade furniture."

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