First Thursday: Trailhead 

This Maker's Showcase promises to inspire

Things are going to get weird at the Trailhead.

Courtesy of the Maker Lab

Things are going to get weird at the Trailhead.

First Thursday goers visiting Trailhead won't soon forget the things they'll see at its first-ever Maker's Showcase. Creators from JUMP, the Boise Public Library and Boise State University will display their inventions, which include molded plastic body armor for motorcycle safety, DNA Origami and a Sonic Sound Scarf.

"It's my job to help all of these students with their passions," said Amy Vecchione, head of Web and Emerging Technologies and an associate professor at Boise State. "Making mistakes leads to new innovations and inventions."

Vecchione will show off her own invention, the Sonic Sound Scarf, which has speakers embedded in the fabric and plays music at the touch of an inlaid button.

One of her students will demonstrate how he uses a 3-D printer to create classroom graphs for blind students, while another Vecchione's will exhibit his plosiphone--a xylophone-style instrument constructed of PVC piping and played with paddles. The inventor was inspired by the Blue Man Group.

"It was really hard to get it tuned properly," Vecchione said. "It depends on the elevation and the temperature of the room. People will have a chance to play it and learn about the design process."

The event runs 5-9 p.m. Snacks and beer are included.

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