Fish and Game Now In Charge of Wolves 

Idaho made national headlines this week for signing over control of our wolf population from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to the Idaho Fish and Game. What does this mean? Something far, far too complicated to chase our tail about right here. Suffice it to say, until the time when the wolf is delisted from the Endangered Species Act, this will basically only mean that instead of federal agents investigating livestock kills, installing bizarre non-lethal wolf-scaring devices and killing problem wolves, state agents will handle those tasks. Also, it doesn't make you any more likely to get eaten. All those toxic hair products and food preservatives make humans patently unappetizing. Believe us. Also believe us that while we're planning our stories on this ever-more-contentious issue, you can visit for links to all the Idaho Wolf Conservation and Management Plan, the text of the new agreement, the copious responses of pundits on both sides of the issue, and all manner of wolfiness.

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