'Fishing Through the Apocalypse' at Rediscovered Books 

Thursday, March 28, Rediscovered Books

The title of Matthew L. Miller's book Fishing Through the Apocalypse may bring up the image of a man on the world's last dock, casting his line while the skyline behind him burns—and to be honest, that isn't far off, though for Miller it's the stream itself that's on fire, and this isn't going down in the uncertain future: The end is now. Okay, perhaps things aren't that bleak, but many of the stories in Miller's book do paint an apocalyptic picture of 21st-century fishing, including tales of pulling up the day's catch through clots of floating garbage and paying to reel in fish on the endangered species list. Find that doom and gloom, and their potential antidotes with the author at Rediscovered Books.


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