Flight of Fancy Bakeshop 

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Flight of Fancy Bakeshop

Laurie Pearman

Flight of Fancy Bakeshop

Your taste buds will never forgive you if you drive quickly through the hamlet of Donnelly on your way to McCall or Tamarack. "Hold your horses!" your buds will scream. "Isn't that Flight of Fancy?" What's that? You haven't heard of Flight of Fancy? Horrors. This gem of baked delights has the busiest oven in the tiniest of settings. Located on Main Street, Flight of Fancy has finger-lickin-good sandwiches to go (or you can eat outside at a few small tables when the weather is nice). But save room—a lot of room—for the sweets: cakes, pies, cheesecakes, cookies and sweet breads. But ah, when the huckleberries are in season, there's huckleberry danish, apple huckleberry pie, huckleberry coffee cake, huckleberry trifle and a baker's dozen more goodies. If you're driving through Valley County in the early morning, stop by for espresso and a scone. Better yet, how about some homemade baked oatmeal? Wait, wait. Even better? A pumpkin cream cheese muffin. Hold on. Even better than that? Lemon streussel muffins.

Flight of Fancy has been filling the tummies of folks in Donnelly, McCall and Cascade since 1994. You can find the bakery's muffins, cookies and cakes at restaurants throughout Idaho's heartland, but why not visit the home base?

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