Food Foraging Class 

Take a glimpse at the "mushroom apparel" selection at and you'll get a good idea of exactly how zealous 'shroom hunters can be. One T-shirt features the "Top 10 lies told by mushroom hunters," a few of which include: "I think those are poisonous, better give 'em to me," "I don't know any good spots, let's check yours" and "It's too early for morels."

Morels, a coveted species of wild mushroom known for its rich, woody flavor, have a short growth season, popping up in the late spring, often in moist burn areas. Those who want to take a crack at sniffing out their own wild morels now have an opportunity to get schooled in fungi foraging protocol.

On Tuesday, May 11, at 7 p.m. the Library at Collister is bringing in mycologist Alex Hartman to host a free lecture on safe food foraging. Part of a series of practical do-it-yourself programs that have included classes on beekeeping and organic gardening, this lecture is sure to unearth some nuggets of foraging wisdom.

Tuesday, May 11, 7 p.m., FREE, The Library at Collister, 4724 W. State St. in the Collister shopping center, 208-562-4995,

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