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When they committed to hosting and producing their Boise State Public Radio podcast You Know the Place, Joel Wayne and Lacey "LD" Daley also committed to spending chunks of their nights and weekends being just a little bit uncomfortable. That's because recording You Know the Place requires them to walk into random, out-of-the-way shops, clubs, restaurants and stores across Boise and ask the unsuspecting people who run them two basic questions: "Who are you?" and "How do you stay in business?"

"We've got about half of season two produced, and I still say as we're sitting in the car, 'I'm so frickin' nervous.' And then we go in and it's like, 'Who's going to say hi first?'" Daley said. "And I think that's probably good. I feel safe with Joel, but we've learned the importance of establishing a rapport with those people within the first five minutes of talking with them. Because we're walking in, most of the times unannounced, with the shotgun mic—"

"Which looks a little bit like a gun, honestly," Wayne added.

"—So people are kind of on edge," Daley continued. "You get that sense right away."

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You can almost think of listening to You Know the Place as dipping into a series of fascinating and occasionally awkward cold calls, all being made to places that most Boiseans drive by and wonder about without ever stepping inside. In season one of the podcast, Wayne and Daley visited spots as diverse as Boise's Rockin' Reptile, Boise Acro Yoga, JUMP, the Sunset Club, Boise Stage Shop, The Beardsmith, Stewart's Gem Shop, India Fashion & Grocery, Stillwater Float Center and Parrots 'N' Stuff.

"You drive by all these places every day and 99 percent of them you've never gone into, you just haven't," explained Wayne, who first pitched the idea for the podcast to Daley during one of many brainstorming sessions. "And so you inevitably think—because we all think the world revolves around us—you think, 'Well, who is going into those places?'"

Answering that question continues to motivate the duo, and on Sept. 27 it drove them into a second season of You Know the Place. Only two episodes have run so far, but Wayne and Lacey offered Boise Weekly a sneak peek at some soon-to-be-featured locales—including a crematorium, a nude resort called Bare Mountain Retreat that's just a half-hour drive from Boise, and the "stink room" inside Rocky Mountain Fireworks and Fur Co. Both hosts agreed that their time recording at Bare Mountain was the most memorable of any foray so far.

"We're expecting that to be a popular episode, and honestly it was a really great experience, and really unexpected for us," said Daley. "We didn't intend to participate, we didn't think we would—we did. We spent the whole frickin' day there." (Later, they sent BW a tasteful, in-the-buff photo to prove it.)

  • Courtesy You Know the Place
Wayne said he and Daley usually budget between an hour and an hour and a half of recording time for each episode, but they ended up staying at Bare Mountain for seven hours, and even eating dinner with the guests.

Another episode, the one featuring the "stink room," stood out in a different way. Sandwiched into the end of a shipping container and packed with bottles of scents like cheese oil and musk, the tiny space was almost intolerably smelly.

"I could last about eight seconds in there before I had to get out the bowl [to vomit]," Wayne said.

Still, he said, he and Daley make a point to always say "yes" to those kinds of experiences. For Daley, it's in pursuit of painting a candid, no-frills portrait of the real Boise.

"It's not this best-of list. It's not the Travel Channel, or the Food Network," she said. "...It's kind of a snapshot of right now, and what Idaho is like."

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