Forest Service Gives Green Light for CuMo Drilling in Boise National Forest 

Molybdenum deposits sit below the Boise National Forest. - CUMO MINING CORPORATION
  • CuMo Mining Corporation
  • Molybdenum deposits sit below the Boise National Forest.

The U.S. Forest Service announced Tuesday that it had given approval for the CuMo Mining Corporation to move forward with its exploratory drilling in the the Boise National Forest. The approval comes after the lapse of a formal objection period ending with Boise National Forest Supervisor Cecilia Seesholtz issuing a "finding of no significant impact."

The CuMo exploratory drilling will be conducted on a Boise County project site about 14 miles north of Idaho City that is approximately 2,900 acres.

The Forest Service said it had given the OK for "alternative B," which authorizes CuMO to "proceed with exploration drilling to acquire detailed geologic data within the CuMo molybdenum prospect to determine the extent of the mineral resources." That activity will include the building of a temporary road system to access up to 147 drill pads and the drilling of up to 259 holes on the pads.

Among the objections to the application were concerns for the transport of fuel to the drill sites via Grimes Pass Road. Forest officials said that road will now only be used for "emergency access." Additionally, Forest officials said they expected the project to have "open and transparent information sharing."

The CuMo exploratory project dates back to 2011 when the corporation indicated that it wanted to drill on a the site north of Idaho City. Lawsuits and environmental assessments and public comment followed. In today's announcement, the Forest Service said the proposed Boise County project "is for exploration drilling; it does not include mining. The company has not submitted any such proposal, which would require a separate environmental analysis."

  • CuMo Mining Corporation

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