Former Boise Ombudsman Murphy Ripped by Seattle Police Union: #SendHimBacktoBoise 

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  • Pierce Murphy

In the 14 years he served as Boise police ombudsman, Pierce Murphy didn't win a lot of fans among the Boise Police Department rank-and-file, but that's nothing compared to the scathing remarks he's catching in Seattle, where some officers are calling Murphy "the biggest train wreck to hit Seattle in memory."

Murphy took over Seattle's Office of Professional Accountability in 2013. In that role, he investigates complaints against the Seattle Police Department, reporting directly to the mayor and city council.

According to a blog post from the Seattle Police Officers Guild, representing 1,300 officers, Murphy was called "a wolf in sheep's clothing," adding the hashtag: #sendhimbacktoBoise.

Seattle's The Stranger reports the SPOG blogpost has since been deleted, and Murphy is brushing off the criticism, telling The Stranger, "They're entitled to their opinion. I'm doing my job the best I can. I expect there to be disagreements and always hope that those disagreements will be professional and all of us will be oriented toward the ultimate goal, which is complete accountability and transparency."

Meanwhile, in the January edition of the SPOG newspaper, Guardian, Editor/Officer Tom McLaughlin wrote that Murphy "has shown little regard for our contract and our rights," adding "We officers are being told we must be perfect in everything we do, in an ever-changing and complex arena, however, the system that holds us accountable is flawed."
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