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Re: “Kenyans Line Up for Circumcision

If Adam Iadhav (the author) has any medical credentials, they should be confisticated immediately and he should not be allowed to write on this subject again.

The authors of the African studies have perpetrated a fraud. Medical science can accurately predict the effect of an intervention of known efficacy simply by comparing the expected results with other interventions and their effect. For instance, we can compare these claims from the African studies with the effect of the polio vaccine against the polio virus. The polio vaccine wiped the disease from the populace in a single generation. With 80% of American men "vaccinated" against HIV by circumcision, the virus should have had no effect on the US population. Instead, The US has the highest HIV infection rate among the industrialized nations. The other industrialized nations have negligible circumcision rates. Evidence shows that male circumcision doesn't have a protective effect even in Africa. Six African nations where the majority of the men are circumcised have HIV infection rates that exceed those who do not circumcise. For instance, in Swaziland, 98% of males are circumcised yet Swaziland has a 22% HIV infection rate. If the claims were true, there would be virtually no HIV in Swaziland. As a matter of fact, the expected prophylaxis is not seen anywhere in the world. This "research" is simply a fraud.

This is not simply an error in the research. The authors of these studies are on the record of being rabid circumcision promoters for more than 25 years. One of the leaders, Robert Bailey is even an epidemologist and should know well his research is flawed and that makes it fraudulent.

This is not just a simple matter of an error with no victims. As a result of the studies and the massive assault on the media via press releases this year alone, 82 young men have met their deaths at the edge of the circumcisers blade and hundreds more have been hospitalized. More than 100 have lost their entire penises! There will be no one that is saved from a death by HIV.

This campaign appears to be an effort to turn the rapidly declining infant male circumcision rate around in The US. A study has found that even if the claims were true, circumcising every male in The US would have an insignificant effect on the HIV rate.


Posted by Frank OHara on 12/26/2009 at 7:36 PM

Re: “Kenyans Line Up for Circumcision

Willie, you are correct. The perpetrators of the HIV/circumcision myth are dishonest people. If their claims were correct, HIV would have a similar response as the polio virus to the polio vaccine. This is obviously not the case. No where in the world has the claimed effect been seen and certainly not in The United States. If the claims were true, HIV would be virtually non-existent! That would be the case because the pathways to transmission of the virus would be sufficiently broken that the virus could not survive in a culture.

The people advancing this "miracle" are really just circumcised Americans that want to protect the practice in The US. In just the last 10 years, the circumcision rate in The US has fallen by almost 50%. These liars are concocting this fraudulent research in an effort to prop up the custom in The US. They simply don't care about Africans and the deaths they are causing. Africans should rise up against them and run them off of the continent before they can kill any more Africans.

You are absolutely correct about the money. They are making vast fortunes on the backs of Africans and they are taking much of the money back to The US to further their campaign there. Africans are getting nothing except death and mutilation.



Posted by Frank OHara on 12/26/2009 at 6:36 PM

Re: “Opinion: Male Circumcision Alone Won't Solve Africa's HIV Problem

Mercedes wrote: "Disclosure: I do not have an anti-circumcision agenda. In fact, I like circumcised men. They hold erections longer. This is a scientific fact, buried among the many recent studies and surveys on sexual pleasure with or without a foreskin."

This is a pretty outrageous statement. Do you have any proof of this? The studies I have seen show that circumcised men suffer impotency at a higher rate and at a younger age. I have two bona fide studies to support my information. Do you? Additionally, acecdotal evidence refutes your claim. US men consume 54% of the world's supply of Viagra, Malaysian men (Muslim and circumcised) are the world's highest per capita consumers of Viagra type products and Israel is the world's premiere counterfieters of Viagra. The evidence seems to be well stacked against your claim.

As for the claims of circumcision protecting against HIV, the evidence is similarly stacked against the claims. First of all, the three studies you reference were all conducted at the same time by the same "researchers" using the same methodologies and controls. They were conducted in three different areas but that doesn't make them 3 different studies, just the same study by the same authors conducted in three different areas. "Three different studies" just sounds better, doesn't it? In fact, these authors have had a very public stance of promoting male circumcision for more than 25 years and this appears to be a continuation of their agenda.

So, does male circumcision have a protective effect against HIV? Apparently not! We can compare the claims for male circumcision against other interventions against other diseases to see if the results are comparable. For instance, polio. Polio is a far more communicable disease than HIV and can be transmitted via simple contact with a contaminated surface. That can be any surface as the virus can live on surfaces for days. These surfaces can be door knobs and handles, faucets and school desks just as examples. This is far different than HIV which requires intimate contact and/or the exchange of bodily fluids. The researchers claim male circumcision provides 60% protection. The polio vaccine is 70% effective yet wiped the disease from the population within a single generation. See a conflict here?

If male circumcision were effective as claimed, there would be vast differences in the infection rates between circumcised cultures and uncircumcised cultures. These differences are observed no where in the world. If these claims were accurate, HIV would be conspiciously absent in The US yet The US has the highest HIV infection rate among the industrialized nations. Furthermore, African Americans have the highest HIV infection rate among the demographics and also the highest HIV infection rate with African American men representing 48% and African American women representing 80% of all infectees. We can also look to Africa. Swaziland circumcises 98% of it's males yet has a 22% infection rate and the rate in growing. Additionally, there are 6 African nations that circumcise their men yet have higher infection rates than those who don't. This is prima facie evidence that male circumcision doesn't work.

Research has also shown that circumcised men are much more resistant to wearing condoms. It is hypothesized that this is because of the loss of sensation after circumcision. Any man will testify that condoms reduce the experience and the conclusion is that condoms reduce it below acceptable levels. This could have the potential of exacerbating the epidemic rather than reducing it.

Short of a vaccine, the only protection is to interupt the vectors of transmission. That is to limit severely in populations with high infections the number of sexual partners and to always use condoms when the risk of the partner is unknown.

The massive amounts of money being wasted on circumcision campaigns would be better spent on vaccine research. Recently, a vaccine candidate was announced as the result of a successful trial. The vaccine showed a 31% efficacy but at this low rate, it could have a significant influence on the spread of the virus and in widespread use, could end the epidemic within about 3 generations simply by interupting the vectors of transmission sufficiently that the virus would run into dead ends.


Posted by Frank OHara on 12/07/2009 at 7:51 AM

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