Freewrite Smart Typewriter 

There are few things more frightening to a writer than a blank page. Some say in death, the self dissolves into the blackness like salt in boiling water; but that's almost consolation next to a cursor blinking on an empty document, where only through feats of concentration will anything get done. Abandon all distractions with the Freewrite Smart Typewriter. A riff on the portable manual typewriters of yore, the Freewrite doesn't have internet access or even a headphone jack. Instead, it has a mechanical keyboard and an e-ink screen, so writers can get down to business without meandering down the the avoidance paths of email, social media or games. The Freewrite has enough memory to hold around 1 million pages of text and wifi to sync documents over the cloud, and although its $499 price tag is also a little scary, write one bestseller and you'll be laughing at fear all the way to the bank.

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