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ALL ABOUT STEVE—When eccentric crossword puzzle creator Mary Horowitz (Sandra Bullock) is set up on a blind date with CNN cameraman Steve (Bradley Cooper), she falls hard in love at first sight, and he does not. Convinced that he is her true love and soul mate, Mary follows Steve as he travels around the country on media assignments, in hopes of showing him the undeniable chemistry she sees. But when Mary is placed in harms way and wrapped up in the biggest news story of the year, Steve begins to see her upbeat manner differently. (R) Edwards 9, Edwards 21

EXTRACT—Joel (Jason Bateman), the owner of an extract manufacturing plant, is ready to sell him company and retire when a series of personal and professional disasters begin and put his life plan in jeopardy. Joel's employees don't want to work, an injured employee threatens to sue, it is suspected that Joel's wife is sleeping with the young man he hired to seduce her, and the attractive temp Cindy (Mila Kunis) is trying to scam the company. His friends aren't much help, so now Joel must attempt to piece back together his company and marriage, while also trying to figure out what it is that he really wants in life. (R) Edwards 9, Edwards 21

FLICKER—Boise is one of 10 cities across the country opening the scary movie Flicker about Pretty and her friends' killer camping adventures in a creepy small town. The tag line is "Keep your friends close and your enemy's shovel." During the night, the groups runs into strange locals, corrupt police and a killer and only one of the campers survives. The movie was written and directed by Aaron Hendren from the independent production company Egg Murders of Albuquerque, N.M. (NR) Saturday, Sept. 5, 7 p.m., $8 adults, $5 students with ID. Egyptian Theatre, 700 W. Main St., Boise, 208-345-0454,

GAMER—Set in the near future, a controversial multi-player video game has been designed to allow players a more realistic combat experience. Except this time, they are playing through real people. Using mind-control technology, gamers use death row prisoners as avatars, fighting to the death in front of a global online audience. Kable (Gerard Butler) is controlled by Simon, a teenage gamer who each week continues to guide Kable to victory. Forced into imprisonment to fight, Kable and Simon must work together to escape the game in hopes of freeing Kables family and to save mankind from billionaire creator Ken Castle's (Michael C. Hall) technology. (R) Edwards 9, Edwards 21

IN THE LOOP—Director Armando Iannucci is at the helm of this political farce based on the the BBC comedy series, The Thick of It. After a United States politician gives his two cents on the war in the Middle East during a live radio broadcast in Britain, the dysfunctional inner workings of government are put on the hot seat. It's the suits and the bureaucrats against the decorated generals and the lackeys and no one is able to communicate their intentions. The cast includes Mimi Kennedy, Peter Capaldi, James Gandolfini and Tom Hollander. (NR) The Flicks

O'HORTEN—Odd Horten (Baard Owe) is retiring after 40 years as a locomotive engineer steering trains down the track. Accustomed to passively watching scenery pass by, Horten is suddenly thrust into life after work and must figure out what to do next. Stuck in Oslo, Horten occupies his time by visiting his senile mother Vera (Kari Loland) who used to be a ski-jumper in her younger days and become friends with and elderly diplomat (Espen Skjonberg) who urges Horten to take the bull by the horns and live life. The movie is by Norwegian filmmaker Bent Hamer. (PG-13) The Flicks

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