Frog Box hops into Boise 

Company makes moving more eco-friendly, and less of a pain.

Few things in life are hated more than moving. It's right up there with root canals and break-ups. Moving generally requires discovering who your good friends are—the ones who are willing to forego their Saturday so they can help move a whole bunch of stuff that you don't really need. Moving also entails realizing you're not getting your deposit back because of the hole in the wall that resulted from your last kegger and scouring through grocery store dumpsters looking for cardboard boxes to put your "collectibles" in.

Fortunately there's a company in Boise that can at least assuage the dumpster-diving portion of moving. Frogbox provides eco-friendly plastic boxes—which are likely more sturdy than an old liquor box secured with duct tape—that are picked up after you get settled in your new home. There are even plastic wardrobes available, which keep your clothes a lot nicer in the moving truck than garbage sacks.

Rates are determined by how many boxes you need and how long you want to keep them, and there's a delivery/pick-up charge, but isn't that better than stuffing the recycling bin at your new house full with the cardboard boxes you spent hours retrieving? Now you can relieve stress, help the environment and get to buying beers for those dedicated friends of yours who lifted your 100-pound china hutch.

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