From Health Care to House Shows 

Ask one of Idaho's elder statesmen what the term "health care inequality" describes and my guess is he'll offer up some socio-economic comparison between the insured and under-/uninsured. My guess is inequities in health care are seen as classist divides inevitable in a capitalist society, one in which socialized medicine is a four-letter word.

I'll sleep OK at night having taken such a broad swipe at the men who represent Idahoans under the dome because, as I think their failed legislation to force transvaginal ultrasounds shows, they have little regard for, nor know little of the challenges women in this state--even their conservative wives, mothers, daughters and sisters--face when it comes to health care. Maybe our legislators' daughters and granddaughters don't have to worry about whether they're going to get a pap smear or put food on the table, but what about the waitress without health insurance or the single mom living paycheck to paycheck or even the family of four you'll read about in "Out of Pocket."

Beyond the News section this week, you'll read about a handful of industrious local mechanics putting their alternative fuel ideas to work--from vegetable oil to solar panels to batteries. And while you may have read about Greenspeed and Suncar 1 in the past in these very pages, what you haven't read about is Idaho researchers who have stumbled on a discovery that converts dairy waste (which Idaho certainly has more than its fair share of) into bio-crude with the help of algae.

In Noise, you'll find "Basement Bands," a story that's about as undercover as the arts and entertainment section gets with a look at the valley's house shows. We talk about them and how great and important they are to the local scene, given the city's lack of all-ages venues. But if you think we're gonna tell you where to find them, you can just keep right on thumbing through pages.

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