Fun Size 

Dear Minerva,

Genetics dealt me the hand of being petite in the pants. I don't feel too bothered by it. I've accepted my little buddy for what he is. I'd love to have a magnificent member that inspired awe and love songs, but that's not my reality. What bothers me the most, is that it seems like every time a guy does something bad, people start commenting on his lack of endowment. If a man drives a big truck (I drive a Prius), has an anger problem (I'm totally chill) or goes big game hunting (I've been vegan for 10 years), it's always because he has a small penis and overcompensates for it. This seems wrong. What say you?

Fun Size

Dear Fun Size,

Here's the deal: It is body shaming, and that is shameful behavior. If we consider ourselves to be progressive people, we absolutely must stop equating behaviors to body parts. There are people with giant penises who do bad things and people with modest endowments who do great things. People who equate any body part to behaviors is lacking critical-thinking skills. The joke is tired and tacky. Just know that you are enough as you are, and anyone who thinks you are unworthy because of something you have no control over is a garbage person unworthy of your time. Furthermore, no one is helping shape a better world by engaging in behavior that ultimately shames other people's bodies. Our potential goes beyond our bodies. Let's start acting like it.

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