Fuzzy Visa Five Fingered by Fuzz 

Five Californians made a trip up to Boise with easy money on their minds, but they could all end up doing hard time. Police say that the group, who flew in from Los Angeles and attempted to use fake credit cards to rent cars and obtain cash, could be related to a larger operation suspected of promoting credit card fraud in other cities. If this group is any indicator of the larger organization's caliber, police should have little trouble bringing it down.

The aborted crime spree began on Friday, January 7, when a local bank told police that they had been ripped off of an undisclosed amount of money after falling for a fake credit card. Several other banks seized cards soon after, citing a lack of security features and a fuzzy-looking Visa logo on one of the cards.

Officers were not able to nab the culprits at the banks, as the suspects had--like so many of the great filmic bandit squads--cleverly split into two mini-gangs. However, when police distributed names and descriptions obtained from the banks among local motels, they soon discovered that the entire group was residing in a single Boise motel. They were arrested within hours.

Nannette Wilson, 35, of Exeter, Calif. faces two counts of grand theft, and two of being a fugitive to Idaho. Maria Montemayor, 21, Valerie Gonzalez, 20, Roger Jones, 36, and Mike Whitaker, 37, all of Southern Calif., face felony grand theft charges. When arrested, maps of local banks, several fraudulent credit cards and fake IDs were found in the suspects' possession. If convicted, their Boise vacation could be extended by more than a dozen years.

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