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Attn.: Bill Oope, Sir,

My name is Carol Dee O'Mealy and I am the new H.R. director for the G.A.G. Media Group here in Boise. I replaced Rick Dorge-Bertvallantz last fall when he took a media liaison job with the Idaho Ewe Breeders Association. I have been going through Mr. Dorge-Bertvallantz's records to acquaint myself with his human assets and I came across your name several times. Mr. Dorge-Bertvallantz seemed to have great trust in your potential as a G.A.G. associate, judging by the number and variety of positions he has offered you over the years.

My reason for contacting you is to inquire if you would be interested in a job where your only duties would be to report on Coach Pete and the Boise State Bronco football players, full-time. You are no doubt wondering why I would make such an offer now that the season is over. But that is precisely the point. There is little reason for more unimaginative news sources to continue fawning over college athletes who, by and large, have returned to their communications classes and are busy trying to remember how to read something other than a play book.

However, several minutes into the fourth quarter of the Fiesta Bowl (I performed an on-air role in the tailgate coverage, filling in for one of our news anchors who fell off a bar stool the night before the game and broke a tooth), I asked myself, "Carol Dee, what are these loyal Bronco Nation people going to do with themselves now that Bronco football is winding down?" Mr. Oope, there are thousands and thousands of people living here in the Greater Boise impact area for whom that team seems to be the center of their lives. Or if not their lives, then at least their wardrobes.

So an inspiration came to me: What if KGAG was the first news organization to offer year-round, continuous reportage on what the team members and their coach are up to? What, for instance, are running back Doug Martin's favorite television shows when he doesn't have a game coming up on Saturday? How does Coach Pete decide which hair stylist best accomplishes the image he would like to project to the defensive line? Do the fellows mind being around nerdy and serious students in the off-season, or would they rather go drinking as a group? What do they do during school breaks when they return to their hometowns in California? Is anybody on the team planning to ask his girlfriend to marry him anytime soon, and when he does it, might we broadcast the proposal live?

These are but a few examples of what I have in mind, and you can see the potential, certainly. There are no limits on what you might report except those dictated by good taste. And as you may have already realized, what zealous football fans define as good taste is anyone's guess.

My vision is that your report would run nightly at 6 and 10 p.m., with an airtime of approximately 12 minutes each. Contrary to traditional sports reporting, which usually ends a broadcast, your segment would lead off the KGAG News Hour, and we would promote it with the slogan, "The First 12 Minutes? Nuttin' But Broncos!" (We could interrupt that schedule should any serious news event occur, but I can't imagine that happening.)

Interviews and profiles would be interspersed with slo-mo footage of the most exciting plays from the previous season. Furthermore, every Saturday, we would re-run an entire Bronco game, complete with live commentary by the Statesman's sports editor and rotating guest appearances by area mayors who could speak about what the Broncos mean to their respective towns. You would be on hand to provide personal and moving anecdotes from the players' lives.

Our television presence would be enhanced with Internet resources, of course. Facebook, Twitter, etc. And since this concept occurred to me, I have not been able to get "Billy's Bronco Blog" out of my head.

But the most relevant issue here is why should the fans be deprived of their raison d'etre just because there is no more Bronco football to watch? It is my feeling that if we here at KGAG don't pursue this opportunity, other news organizations will. There are rumors floating about that KTVB has applied to the FCC to have their call-letters changed to BRNK, and Channel 12 is re-designing their set using a two-color scheme. I will let you guess which two colors those are.

Believe me, Mr. Oope, time is short. I feel we must seize this ball and run with it. Let us arrange a face-to-face before the week is out to discuss the details. --Respectfully, Carol Dee O'Mealy/H.R. dir./G.A.G. Media Group

Dear Ms. O'Mealy,

I thank you for the consideration. I, too, have been wondering what will happen to our community now that the blue turf lies dormant. Most notably, I fear for the Statesman's very survival. If it weren't for Bronco news and the legal notices, you could fold that paper up and carry it in a wallet.

But I am not your man. I mean, literally, I'm not your man. I'm "Cope," not "Oope," but don't feel bad. They're always getting our mail mixed up. Should you get hold of the real Bill Oope, it's entirely possible he would be interested in your proposal. As for me, I was actually considering it until you conjured up a scenario where I might be trapped in an enclosed space for three hours with a sportswriter and Tammy DeWeerd. Sorry, Ms. O'Mealy, but there's not enough money in the world.

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