Games of the Weird 

Melting ice, cracking eggs and duct taping your buddies

With obligatory holiday parties long gone, a pocketbook that's still recovering from the stress of holiday shopping and cold weather determined to keep us indoors just a few weeks longer, we thought we'd go in search of some games to get us off the couch, out of the bar and into some sort of social setting.

If, like us, you managed to misplace your only deck of cards after your last round of drinking games and you and your friends are suffering from board game boredom, gather a gaggle of your closest and wackiest friends by luring them with the promise of interesting side-splitting entertainment in which no clothing shall be removed, the threat of consumption-induced vomiting is nonexistent and various embarrassing secrets hidden in your skeleton closet can stay locked away from public view.

Start simple with Tangle. Divide your guests into two teams. Each team gets a chair and a ball of string or yarn. When the clock begins, each team has one minute to wrap as much string or yarn around the chair as possible. At the end of the minute, teams switch chairs and unwind the string or yarn without picking up or moving the chair. The first team to remove all the string from the chair wins.

For the singles in the room—or for non-jealous, innocent fun-seeking couples, Pass the Ice gets things rolling. Participants stand in a circle and pass an ice cube from mouth to mouth around the circle until the ice is melted. The loser is the person whose mouth melts the last of the cube. Requiring all participants to chew a breath mint before playing may take half the fun out of the game, or it may entice some lingering ice swapping moments.

Once the impromptu making out caused by ice passing has ceased, bust out the eggs for a little Egg Roulette. You'll need one egg for every guest. Hard boil all but one egg. Each guest picks an egg and if participants choose to, they can trade their egg for someone else's. Once the trading has ended, your guests each crack their eggs on their foreheads at the same time. We'll let you infer who the loser is in this one.

Coming in to a screeching halt at number one for the evening is Human Flies. For this one, it's ideal to have several teams of four to six players. The lightest player (or least-liked player) from each team is lifted onto a chair while holding a cushion or a pillow against their stomach. The remaining team members are given five minutes to duct tape their teammate to the wall. When the five minutes is over, the chair is removed, leaving the pillow-clutching, duct-taped teammate securely fastened to the wall. The winning team is that whose duct taped human fly on the wall falls to the floor last.


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