Gelande Quaffing Elevates Beer Drinking to a Sport at Sammy's 

Sunday, March 3

Legend has it the sport of Gelande Quaffing began when skiers, bending an elbow, watched as a mug of beer sent sliding down the bar fell off the edge—where it was plucked out of mid-air and chugged by a drinking-game pioneer. Right then and there, a new sport was born.

Owing to its ski culture roots, the game borrows its name from gelande ski jumping. Players "pitch" beer down a slippery bar, the glass vaults into the air much like a skier on a pair of skinnies and a "quaffer" at the opposite end catches and gulps it, scoring points for precision.

Gelande Quaffing made its way to Boise thanks to Payette Brewing Company, which is hosting a tournament that kicks off Sunday, March 3, at Sammy's. Novices and pros alike are invited to fill their bellies with beer while competing for first-, second- and third-place prizes.

The object of the game is to successfully send as many full pints of beer across the table as possible. Players pitch beer to a quaffing teammate, then run to the opposite side of the bar to switch roles in a fast-paced game of stamina, dexterity and agility. Scores are assigned for skill, with zero points for a dropped glass, one point for a caught glass, two points for a glass caught by its handle and a bonus point for a trick, such as catching the beer under the leg or in a 360-degree spin. Players will be organized by teams of four, with a $40 registration fee per team.

Register beforehand at Sammy's or day-of at 1 p.m., but act fast—there's a limit of 16 teams.

And if that wasn't enough, the calories burned while Gelande Quaffing far exceed those burned while playing beer pong. Time to try a new drinking game.

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