Gem Court Coronation 

Saturday, July 23, at the Double Tree Hotel

People across the world are still swooning over the new duke and duchess of Cambridge, the wedding being the one of the biggest social events that they were never invited to. Blog posts and morning talk shows gush about Kate's dresses, purses and hats. The Kennedys were the closest thing to a royal family in America, and while Jacqueline had the style and grace of a princess, she never wore a crown--a pillbox hat hardly counts. But if you'd like to see some royalty in person, join the Imperial Sovereign Gem Court of Idaho for Coronation 2011 as the monarchs of the 33rd reign pass their titles down to the next group of (drag)queens.

ISGCI is a longtime LGBT social and charitable nonprofit organization that is part of a larger court system with chapters in Canada, the United States and Mexico. The ISGCI title-holders take their roles seriously and dub themselves with names full of pomp and circumstance--this year's empress is regally referred to as "The Only Absolute Sparkling Blue Diamond People's Empress of Community and Commitment for all Idaho Empress XXXIII The Endearing and Surreal Terra Mi Su La Rose Morgan Foxx Manhattan." Imagine fitting that on a business card.

Members of the Gem Court take their responsibilities as seriously as they do their roles. The ISGCI was established in 1980 and continues to work tirelessly raising funds for Idaho LGBT student scholarships, as well as to help HIV positive people defray living and medical expenses.

This year's themed ceremony, called "Coronation Under the Sea: A Return to Atlantis," takes place over the course of three days and includes a reception and show for out-of-town-guests, a bus tour, a drag show, a victory brunch and awards ceremony and, of course, the coronation itself, which takes place on Saturday, July 23.

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