Generation L*** to Newcomb: Eat S*** 

Generation L*** to Newcomb: Eat S***

Admit it: it's fun to hear children, Christians, talking birds and other "gentler" members of society say bad words. That's why we were thrilled last week to hear from the Spokesman Review and other sources that none other than Brandi Swindell had shed her obscenity-virginity and spat a few gems at House Speaker Bruce Newcomb after the two had a tense meeting in Newcomb's office--something to the effect of "the speaker is a real b***," according to Swindell's blog.

Is that a sin? Honestly, we don't know. We can't even think of what "b***" means. Is it "butt?" "Bone?" Maybe Swindell is so pure, she doesn't even know how to spell bad words, and said "Bich." Or maybe, since she and a group of pro-lifers had been out protesting all day, she caught a cold and it sounded like she said "buck," when she meant to say something else. Or maybe she can spell, but can't count, and meant to say, "B******."

In any event, according to Brandi's blog, any stories about the pro-life celebrity saying anything mildly titillating are fabricated. "I assure you that at no time did I lose my composure or reduce myself to his level by using profanity," Swindell wrote.

Sali, whose parental consent abortion law Swindell was badgering Newcomb about, added in a statement on Swindell's site that "at no time did I hear Miss Swindell shout or use profanity." Ah, fiddlesticks. On the good side, Swindell has reportedly been banned from the House chambers following the incident.

war in Iraq

U.S. CASUALTIES: As of Tuesday, March 21, 2,314 U.S. service members (including 12 Idahoans) have died since the war in Iraq began in March 2003: 1,812 in combat and 502 from non-combat related incidents and accidents. Injured service members total 17,124. In the last week, five U.S. soldiers died.

Since President George W. Bush declared "mission accomplished" aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln on May 1, 2003, 2,168 soldiers have died.

Source: U.S. Dept. of Defense

IRAQI CIVILIAN DEATHS: Estimated between 33,710 and 37,832


COST OF IRAQ WAR: $249,060,113,005


--Nicholas Collias

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