Generation Me Comedy Show 

Thursday, Dec. 26

You're not special. You're not a precious butterfly or a delicate snowflake. You're a skinbag of warm water, fatty acids and personality flaws, but most of us who were raised after the mid-1970s were sung a different tune by their parents. Generations X-Z have been told that anything is within their grasp, their wildest dreams but a lightning strike of inspiration away. Imagine their surprise when they discovered feeding themselves--let alone meeting their personal goals--was hard work.

Thence came the Generation Me Comedy Tour, the brainchild of Gen-Xer (and headlining comedian) Reggie Melbrough, which promises a glut of generational humor, hence the title, and more booze than you can shake a cocktail shaker at.

Melbrough, Emma Arnold (Story Story Night, Liquid Laughs), Dylan Cole (Liquid Laughs, Complex) and host Alisha Donahue (Lady Bizness podcast, runner-up for Boise's Funniest Person) yuk it up starting at 7:30 p.m. at Neurolux.

The bar will be open and a dance party follows the laughs. For a paltry $5, you can warm your hands at the comedic bonfire of Millennial vanity in a full-on roast of the generation's foibles, including iPods, irony, Radiohead and living in their parents' basements. For a full catalog of 20- to 30-something existential angst, however, you'll have to check out the show for yourself.

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