George Noory and Guests Visit Boise's Egyptian Theatre 

Saturday, March 22

Alien theorists unite.

Sterling Tyler Photography

Alien theorists unite.

If you saw Giorgio Tsoukalos--self-proclaimed "star and consulting producer" of the History Channel's Ancient Aliens series--at the Egyptian Theatre last September, it's time get out your tinfoil hat again: George Noory's live show is coming to Boise.

Noory, longtime host of the radio show Coast to Coast AM and television show Beyond Belief (as well as a featured guest on Ancient Aliens), is coming to explore supernatural encounters and astrological sightings. Noory is bringing a band of colorful guests including Dr. Supernatural, a.k.a. Joshua P. Warren, Stanton Friedman and Jim Marrs to facilitate the discussion and contribute professional input. Dr. Supernatural may tell you about the Wishing Machine and help make your dreams come true. Visit the doctor's website,, to see the 10-minute video explaining (but never demonstrating) how the Wishing Machine can guide you to your desires.

Friedman, a nuclear physicist and professional ufologist, has an extensive collection of published books on UFOs. He was also recognized with the Lifetime UFO Achievement Award by UFO magazine. Marrs, a Texan well known for his conspiracy theories, is the author of the book Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy, which was the inspiration for the Oliver Stone film JFK.

Tickets purchased for rows B and C will get the once in a lifetime chance to have a meet and greet with Noory and his associates before the show.

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