Georgia Rule 

Georgia Rule is like its young star Lindsay Lohan. Both desperately want to be good, but with so much getting in the way, that's just not possible.

This is the story of three generations of women who can't seem to get along. Rachel (Lohan), needs to stay out of trouble the summer before she heads to college, so it's off to small-town Idaho to bunk with crotchety grandmother Georgia (Jane Fonda). The two butt heads, but the real fireworks begin when Rachel alleges sexual abuse by her stepfather, and mom Lilly (Felicity Huffman), arrives to sort out the details.

Actor/director Garry Marshall, who helmed Julia Roberts fan favorites Pretty Woman and Runaway Bride, obviously knows how to coax solid performances from famous females, but at 73, he may be slipping a bit behind the camera. He picked a weak script that required near-schizophrenic portrayals by his three leading ladies. Though at its core, the story of a family dealing with the potential sexual abuse of its youngest member is potentially a gut-wrenching topic, Lohan's and Fonda's eccentric characters muddle any potential themes. Additionally, a decently heartwarming conclusion can't make up for the fact that Lohan appears to be portraying her real life—as a drug-addicted attention-getter—on screen. There's really no reason to believe the tale depicted herein will resonate with many viewers, so most ought to keep Georgia off their minds.

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