Get a Yob at Crazy Horse 

Thursday, March 12, with UZALA and Ecstatic Vision

Not busy on Thursday? Get a Yob.

James Rexroad

Not busy on Thursday? Get a Yob.

"Time to wake up." These four words, spoken by writer-philosopher Alan Watts, open Yob's latest album, Clearing the Path to Ascend (Neurot, 2014). Other metal bands might employ a sound clip like this as a joke or a tongue-in-cheek warning of the sonic barrage to come. Yob isn't quite like other metal bands.

Formed by lead singer-guitarist Mike Scheidt in 1996, the Eugene, Ore.-based doom metal trio mixes growled vocals, rock-steady tempos and monolithic riffs with ruminations on existence and mortality. The lyrics reflect Scheidt's long-standing interest in writers like Watts and Eastern philosophy.

Yob's balance of power and mindfulness has garnered a lot of attention lately. Rolling Stone picked Clearing as the best metal album of 2014. Stereogum's Michael Nelson called the group "the best doom band in the world today." That heady praise promises an eye-opening experience.

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