Get "Fashionable" with International Fanny Pack Day 

Saturday, March 12

Who ever said fanny pack wearers are behind the times?

E.J. Pettinger

Who ever said fanny pack wearers are behind the times?

Think mom jeans with a banana clip chaser. International Fanny Pack Day will be a tacky celebration of a frightening fashion faux pas.

Sometimes referred to as the belt pack, hip sack, waist bag, bum bag or buffalo pouch, the fanny pack became a sensation in the late 1980s for soccer moms and shameless dads the world over. Coming in all colors, patterns and materials, the once-fashionable fanny pack caused a sensation unseen until Beanie Babies.

International Fanny Pack Day is not only a chance to celebrate the horrifying trends of yesteryear, it is also a benefit for the Idaho Food Bank. Each fashion criminal sporting a hip-accentuating colostomy bag is asked to bring two cans of food to help Idaho's hungry.

Liquid Lounge generously and fearlessly hosts this throwback to a time when utility trumped attractiveness, when fabric growths of all sizes could hang from the upper femur and contained everything from now-obsolete traveler's checks to a warm, gooey pack of gummy bears.

Tight roll the jeans, mismatch the colors, strap on what looks like a belt but acts like a purse, and kill two birds with one stone as you simultaneously perplex children and help out a great Idaho cause.

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