Get Healthy at Bricolage 

Or get Stone-d at Record Exchange First Thursday, Nov. 1

Meatbag is artists Conrad Garner and Cale Cathey.


Meatbag is artists Conrad Garner and Cale Cathey.

On First Thursday, Nov. 1, Bricolage will celebrate the colorful cornucopia produced by Idaho's farms. Each month, the 2013 Healthy Dozen calendar features an artistic rendition of Idaho's crops. For every month a local artist has created a representation of seasonal fruits and veggies.

Organized by the nonprofit food producers' co-op Idaho's Bounty, the calendar includes artists Kate Masterson, Julia Green, Bingo Barnes, Juliana McLenna, Amy Westover, Nick Stelma, Ginny Blakeslee Breen, Noel Weber, Jocelyn Robertson, Grant Olsen, Chelsea Snow and Poo Write-Pullman.

The 2013 originals will be sold through a silent auction conducted on Facebook, which ends at Bricolage Thursday at 9 p.m. High bidders will take home the immortalized foodstuffs, and proceeds benefit the Treasure Valley Food Coalition and Idaho's Bounty.

At Flying M Coffeehouse, veggies give way to artist John Padlo's gleaming jelly beans. His oils feature a bright world of childhood icons where classic toys meet name-brand sweets. "The Settlement" depicts a suited, stark-white figurine assassinating a piece of Dubble Bubble with a pistol.

"Ever since I can remember, I have always been drawn to primary colors," Padlo wrote on his website.

A selection of his nostalgic portraits will festoon the coffeeshop's walls through November.

Nearby at The Record Exchange, arts will combine with booze at a shindig organized to promote local nonprofit Usful Glassworks, formerly Sustainable Futures. There will be free brews from Stone Brewing Company and live music by Bill Coffey and His Cash Money Cousins beginning at 6 p.m.

Usful Glassworks will offer specials on hand-painted glassware made from recycled Stone bottles. In addition, the bottles served that evening can be donated to Usful Glassworks after visitors empty them of their alcoholic contents.

Moving from liquid libations to Solid, artists Conrad Garner and Cale Cathey will present a new series of work at Solid under the group name Meatbag.

Garner said the series is loosely defined, comprised of drawings, illustrations and paintings on subjects that vary from cartoonish characters to more realistic portraits of Vincent Price, Alfred Hitchcock and Elvira.

A forthcoming Meatbag series will have a more focused theme, Garner added.

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