Get Metaphoria-Cal with Workin' On Fire 

Tuesday, Jan. 31 at the Record Exchange

Boise's Working on Fire has recorded three discs in as many years and gigs shamelessly, though members are still busy attending high school.

When the band dropped off its new album, Metaphoria, at BW, instead of a sneer and a vague handwritten note, they showed up with smart-looking manila envelopes containing a CD, download cards, fliers for upcoming shows and a 40-page bound booklet of photos, bios, press clippings, lyrics and contact info.

With a work ethic like that, it should come as no surprise that Metaphoria, a 12-song collection of dark-toned tunes harkening back to the alt-rock days of the mid-'90s, is currently among the top sellers in the soft and modern rock categories of And not surprisingly, the dedication Workin' on Fire shows to marketing its music is just as evident in its composition and production.

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