Get Oriented With Daniel Orozco 

Friday, Sept. 23 at Rediscovered Bookshop

Get oriented with author Daniel Orozco.

Krysta Ficca

Get oriented with author Daniel Orozco.

University of Idaho creative writing professor Daniel Orozco has only published one book, Orientation. But to be fair, he has been pretty busy winning dang near every award and accolade out there: He has been published in Harper's, Zoetrope All-Story, The Best American Short Stories and McSweeney's and won an NEA Fellowship in fiction.

Reading Orientation, it's easy to understand why. The nine stories in the book are by turns perplexing, haunting, infuriating, disconnected and bizarrely comedic. They manage the complex trick of being narratively clipped--arguably even unresolved in some places--and still feel as if they stretch for decades in both directions beyond their boundaries.

Of Orozco, local literatus Anthony Doerr wrote, "Orozco can do anything: first, second, third-person; he can explode moments into whole stories and dash through lifetimes in a paragraph."

If you'd like to experience Orozco's work for yourself, you're in luck, because he will be in Boise to read from Orientation, as well as to sign copies of the book.

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