Ghost Hunters Cast Makes Case For Paranormal at Morrison Center 

Friday, March 1

What started as a reality television show in 2009 has blossomed into a full-blown tour. Following America's obsession with ghosts, The Atlantic Paranormal Society—office managers, plumbers, factory workers and teachers by day, investigators of all things haunted by night—is the subject of the SyFy Channel program Ghost Hunters, which has hit the road and is making a stop in Boise at the Morrison Center Saturday Friday, March 1.

APS members Jason Hawes and Steve Gonsalves will discuss the production of the show and close encounters of the spectral kind, as well as present unreleased footage and hold court for a question-and-answer session. Facing critics' accusations, Hawes and Gonsalves will explain their method of searching for and recording paranormal activity in scientific terms—perhaps revealing that communication with the afterlife is more believable than it sounds.

In an industry full of exploitation and staged events, Hawes and Gonsalves claim to stay true to their cause, but ghosts are controversial phenomena. Maybe you're a believer, or maybe you're a skeptic who needs a night of comic relief. Ghost Hunters' straight-faced presentation of the search for ghosts and ghouls is entertaining for all audiences.

At the end of the evening the floor will be opened to questions and stories from the audience. Will Hawes and Gonsalves be outed as charlatans looking to make a quick buck off American naivete, or will they defend their search for proof of life after death with compelling footage and sound defenses?

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