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Ripchain (and others), September 10

There's been quite a bit about the Battle of the Bands of late in the Boise Weekly. For good reason. Events like the Battle of the Bands gives local musicians a chance to perform in front of people who might not go out and see them otherwise. And, when bands see each other on stage they are either encouraged to kick it up a notch or give it all up and get a decent day job. One rock/metal band that's determined to spend their days sleeping in and their nights throwing down is Ripchain.

Ripchain are Dave Ford on vocals and guitar, Joff Stone on guitar, Dan Garrett on bass and vocals and Ryan Anderson on drums. A little older than many of the bands that have braved the Core stage over the last couple of weeks, the members of Ripchain have a sense of themselves that can only come from experience.

They list Godsmack as an influence and when you hear them you'll know why. There's some serious guitar grinding going on, but all of the songs I heard have some unique sound. A couple of the songs I listened to on their page were sans lyrics (apparently because they aren't finished) but even they were pretty great. There are eight bands taking the stage on Saturday at the Core (see this week's Noise News or the Music Guide) and I don't want you to miss any of them, but pay close attention to Ripchain. Their songs pay homage to the rock and metal of yore, but have an updated, modern sound that this ex big-hair sporting, ripped jeans and black high-heeled boots wearing, leather jacketed metal fan finds rather appealing.

September 9, 6 p.m., $8, all ages, The Core

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